Bon Aesthetics was founded on the premise that beauty is an attitude, much like the attitude in life. We’re inspired by how the French view life and beauty in general. The French have a self-assured and effortless outlook, which is similar to their approach to beauty. They are inclined towards improving their well-being, preferring holistic treatments that enhance their inner being.


We too believe in this positive approach to beauty. At Bon Aesthetics, we focus on enhancing our customers’ beauty and well-being through specially designed holistic and nature-inspired treatments. Our customers will feel comfortable and relaxed with us because they can be themselves here.


Our new logo identity further emphasizes our culture. The fusion of the letter “b” and “a” represents togetherness and oneness, portraying the relationship we have with our valued customers. The organic style of the logo connotes a sense of warmth and friendliness, depicting our personality; whereas the colour palette of violet-red and green hue illustrates classic style and carefree spirit.