4D Hair+ is a hair filler technique that attaches and knots synthetic hair strands to your own hair strands, to give you thicker hair and a fuller scalp. The pain-less and relaxing treatment is ideal for those with thinning scalp or individuals who simply desire thicker hair. Customers can choose from various synthetic hair options ranging from colors to straight or wavy hair to blend naturally and beautifully with their own hair. Made to resemble real hair (99% Similar to real hairs) in looks and texture, the hair fillers are so lightweight that you would not feel a difference wearing them. Because they feel so natural, customers do not need to specially care for the fillers, and can comb, wash, color and perm their hair as often as they need.

4D Hair+ is a hair filler technique that involves the intricate knotting of four synthetic strands of hair to one natural hair strand.

  • A real strand of hair weighs ~0.0003g
  • A strand of synthetic hair weighs 20% of a real strand of hair
  • 4 hairs weigh 80% of ~0.0003g

The duration depends on the number of strands knotted. For 200 strands of hair, it would take an approximated one hour.

The procedure is pain-less.

No special care is required. You can take care of it just like your natural hair.

The hair fillers will stay in place unless your original hair falls out.

They can last up to a year with no special care needed.

Depending on how fast your hair grows, touch-up sessions might be necessary to push the hair filler knots up to the scalp every 2 – 3 months.


  •  Treatment is irreversible, knots made during the treatment cannot be undone.
  •  You may feel a slight tingle where knots are made but will gradually disappear within a few days.
  • 4 strands of synthetic hair will be tied to a strand of real hair, providing coverage and volume. (1 strand of synthetic hair is 20% of real hair, 0.00006g)
  • When hair grows, the knots made will grow farther from the roots, which may cause lack of hair volume. Retouch is recommended after 2-3 months (charge separately).
  • Synthetic hairs can be blown dry, permed, dyed as normal hairs (only from light to dark colors, colored hairs cannot be dyed). During treatment, it is recommended to avoid using heating tools >160 degree C.
  • It is natural to lose 70- 100 strands of hairs daily. Please do not be alarmed, when shampooing, it is normal to see more hair loss, due to your 4D hair falls with your original hair.
  • You will feel slight sensation of knots when shampooing.


  •  Avoid using nails to shampoo your hair, to prevent damaging your scalp and hairs.
  •  Dry your scalp every hair wash and blow dry your hairs after shampoo with normal/ cool temperature.
  • It is recommended to leave conditioner on hair ends for 3 mins and coat hairs with serum such as Argan oil/ Keratin to prolong the longevity of hairs.
  • Avoid using products with high SLS (sulfate) content, and to use protein-based shampoo. Fizziness may occur when using shampoo with high SLS content. Apply hair treatment and iron low heat (100 degree C) to repair the hair.
  • Please use Scalp Tonic daily or go for regular Scalp Treatments to nourish your scalp and promote healthier, stronger hairs.
  • Please notify your hair stylist that you have received 4D hair extension during your visit for perming, haircuts (no layering) or treatments. Take precaution with the heat setting.

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