Our Expert Facial Treatments, combines quality and excellence, with natural plant extracts that are designed to work in harmony with your lifestyle, relaxing mind and body for the ultimate experience. Each facial features a concentrate of very targeted active ingredients with renowned properties that will fulfill even the most demanding skin. Precision amplified by the specific application technique of our experts: a subtle mixture of power and gentleness.



Pureté  Essentielle

 Suitable for combination to oily skin, the Pureté Essentielle Expert Facial utilises active natural extracts such as grapeseed oil for emollient properties and grapefruit seeds for their richness in antioxidants and Vitamin C. In addition, the Purisoft active ingredient helps to purify skin by removing pollution micro-particles that congest skin, leaving skin balanced and clear. Skin is immediately deeply cleansed and purified with pores being made more refined.



Hydration Essentielle

A hydrating treatment that is guaranteed to replenish hydration and moisture to mature and dehydrated skin. The treatment comprises active ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and fucogel to hydrate and plump the skin from deep within. It helps to regulate the skin’s natural hydration as well as deliver needed hydration to give the skin a silky, soft finish.